Covid 19


Since the beginning of the COVID-19 Pandemic, H2O Process has been at the forefront of Hawaii's response to the virus. Since March 2020, H2O has logged over 6,000 spray hours of “quick-kill disinfection” throughout the State of Hawaii serving clients like TheBus, TheHandi-Van, Oahu Transit Services facilities, Maui Para-Transit, Matson, Isolated Transport Services, and Federal Buildings.

We offer a comprehensive array of products and services to aid in COVID-19 response efforts and hope that you will partner with us to protect your home, building, and/or business

Our Services



  • We offer both long-term recurring and emergency disinfection 

  • We utilize only EPA List-N products approved to be effective against COVID-19.

  • Our highly trained staff will ensure complete coverage of your space by using state-of-the-art electrostatic sprayers.

  • We are always on call and can have your space treated as soon as the day of your inquiry.







  • Automatic hand sanitizer dispensers and 80% isopropyl alcohol gel

  • Can be wall-mounted or stand-alone

  • We offer comprehensive hand sanitizer station maintenance to ensure unit uptime including gel refills, battery changes, cleaning, and regular maintenance.










  • We utilize PreventX 24/7, EPA/FDA Approved Antimicrobial

  • Two-step process to ensure complete coverage

  • Invisible shield that can be used on multiple surfaces

  • Proven effective against viruses, bacteria, microbes, mold, and mildew

  • Environmentally friendly, non-toxic & long-lasting

  • 1 spray sequence has a 30-90 day lifespan (depending on surface abrasion and environment) 

For more information on PreventX, click the link below


Why Choose Us?


Our Staff has spent thousands of hours protecting spaces of all shapes and sizes statewide.





We conduct post-treatment surface testing to ensure that we did the job right. We don't leave a site until every test meets our standards.

We use the latest and most effective products and equipment to keep you safe