North Guam District WWTP Upgrade

The North Guam Waste Water Treatment Plant is one of Guam's main treatment facilities and is going through upgrading its primary and secondary treatment. However, after many years of heavy use, the plant was in need of some major upgrades. Our team members conducted studies and worked closely with equipment manufacturers, contractors, and others to provide the most effective solutions. We provided many different pieces of equipment for this job which include jet mix aeration system (Vaughan), chopper pumps (Vaughan), sludge progressing cavity pumps (Seepex), drum screen (Enviro-Care), septage receiving equipment (Enviro-Care), and vortex grit removal system (Hydro Int.). We worked alongside the contractor to ensure that all the equipment they are supplying will arrive on time and in good condition.  Because of this, we were asked to be flexible and increase our scope of work to provide additional equipment and supplies for the plant which are still in use today. This project filled the needs of the north Guam WWTP and gave them a reliable network of equipment systems that can be used for years to come.